Ukrsocprojeckt offers its services on developing energy-efficient solutions for new construction projects, as well as reconstruction or major repairs, renovation of architectural objects, power supply systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as water and wastewater systems.

  We offer jointly implement the planned energy-saving measures for your sites to drive unit costs of energy resources to the standard.

  Our experts will remotely analyze and identify potential energy savings at your facility, help to optimize existing energy costs, as well as to develop and implement energy efficient systems and technologies.

  Cooperation with us will give you the opportunity to get the whole range of services in a single window, without wasting time searching for a bona fide contractors and analysis of market prices, and we optimize the cost and time for their performance, which will significantly reduce the total cost of our services.

  As a result, your company in a short time will receive a quality product at a special price.

Energy audit

Energy audits (audit) - is a comprehensive evaluation of the company related to the energy costs of various kinds, fuel, water and some energy, aimed at .

Energy management of enterprises

Energy management can ensure the identification of defects, poor performance and failures in energy-consuming systems, rapid intervention in the event of unfavorable trends

Feasibility study

Feasibility Study (FS) is the documentation of the results of feasibility studies which support the desirability and feasibility of the project

Optimization scheme heat and water supply

Optimization scheme of heating systems, water supply and sanitation are a set of measures aimed at ensuring the rational use of material and energy resources, as well a

Project management (engineering)

UKRSOCPROJEСT proposes to implement a set of interrelated activities aimed at achieving the goal within your budget. Project management begins in the early


UKRSOCPROJECT perform work on the design of objects of architecture, design of internal engineering networks, systems and structures, design of external engineering networks, systems and

Projects using renewable energy sources

Projects using renewable energy sources, which comply with the October 1, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine National Action Plan for Renewable Energy

Attracting investments in the project

provides for the development and adaptation of documents to the requirements of international and public investors in order to attract investment to implement energy saving measures.

Construction and installation

UKRSOCPROJECT perform work on new construction or renovation of buildings, boilers and heating units, internal networks and systems developed interior design.