Energy management of enterprises

  Energy Management of the enterprise- a set of knowledge, principles, methods and forms of power management to reduce the cost of energy resources.
Thanks to energy management can without great financial cost to achieve significant savings.
   Energy management of the enterprise can ensure the identification of defects, poor performance and failures in energy-consuming systems, rapid intervention in the event of unfavorable trends in the increased use of energy resources, the definition of recommended improvements and their priority, more attention to the issues of energy and environment at all levels of the enterprise.

Systems of the energy management of enterprises

Development and implementation of an system energy management (SEM) is the primary energy-saving measures for all industrial enterprises, as well as by cost-

Development of energy certificates of enterprise or buildings

UKRSOCPROJECT offers such a service as the development (adjustment) of energy certificate of the enterprise.

Energy audit of enterprise

energy audit of electric power facilities, thermal energy facilities energy audit, energy audit of heating, cooling systems, energy audit, energy audit boilers and

Calculation of the specific consumption norms FER

Normalization of fuel and energy costs at all levels of social production is carried out in accordance with the inter-industry, sectoral and regional valuation methods,

Thermal imaging survey

Thermal imagery enables early detection of defects studied structures, utilities and equipment, as well as find fault elements requiring urgent replacement or reconstruction.

Energy Efficient Design

The most important difference is that in the design phase there is a choice in areas such as the main design parameters of the installation, use the production process, the main production equipment, etc.