Calculation of the specific consumption norms FER

  FER standards unit costs per unit of production (unit standards), normalization of fuel and energy costs in the social production of Ukraine in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Energy Saving" and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on July 15, 1997 № 786 "On the Procedure for Setting the unit cost of fuel and energy resources in social production" and is available on all levels management of social production.
    Specific rules (regulation unit costs FER) - the definition of an objectively necessary quantity of consumption per unit of production, work performed or services rendered established quality in specific production conditions.
     Normalization of fuel and energy costs at all levels of social production is carried out in accordance with the inter-industry, sectoral and regional valuation methods, which take into account the main features of a specific production process.
     Rationing Fuel and energy consumption is an effective tool for monitoring and rational consumption of energy resources to make informed decisions on energy-efficient modernization. Development, analysis and use of energy resources consumption standards is an important part of the energy audits of buildings and businesses, as well as the introduction of energy management systems.

  UKRSOTSPROEKT proposes a rate calculation of specific consumption of electricity and heat in enterprises that provide services for the centralized water supply and disposal.