Development of energy certificates of enterprise or buildings

   UKRSOCPROJECT offers such a service as the development (adjustment) of energy certificate of the enterprise or buildings.

  Energy Certificate of the enterprise is designed to display the actual availability of power generation, energy-using and energy supplying equipment, energy-consuming processes, shops, sites, structures, and others., their characteristics, and status of the use of energy resources in the production, the involvement of the energy balance of the secondary energy resources, renewable and alternative energy sources, and other information that enable the analysis of the energy companies and the efficiency of fuel and energy resources (hereinafter - FER) and the development of energy conservation, development and modernization.

  Energy certificate filled in one copy and store energoispolzuyuschie enterprises, in particular, industrial, construction, transportation, agricultural, municipal, cultural and community, as well as industrial production and district heating plants, the company combined boiler and heating systems of all forms of ownership and subordination, which are capacity for the consumption of fuel and energy resources (reduced to standard fuel) for the year is not less than 1,000 tons of coal equivalent., or heat - 3000 Gcal or more, regardless of the source of their income, or associated with electric power, regardless of the source, 100 kW or more.

  Validity of energy certificate - 5 years. General checking and modifying your own copy of energy certificate  is now up to 1 March.

   Energy performance certificate of the building (Building Energy Performance) is designed according to the decision on the rules of the development and preparation of energy certificates of buildings in new construction or renovation, in order to get real information about the physical and technical condition of the building. 
  Energy performance certificate of the building (Building Energy Performance) contains the following information: the geometric characteristics of the building, heat engineering parameters (thermal resistance) of the external building envelope and energy performance of the building. 
Also energy certificate of the building (Building Energy Performance) contains valid standard of performance thermal and energy performance of the building, which allows regulatory authorities, investors or buyers to understand what class it belongs to the energy efficiency of the building and what energy saving measures should be carried out in the near future.