Ecological and energy efficient heating scheme

  Document is being developed for the settlements in order to choose the optimal variant reliable heat supply consumers with the heating characteristics of the object. Therefore, the main objective in the development of district heating schemes is to nicrease economic efficiency district heating system to regulatory requirements in general, reduce heat losses in networks and buildings, preparing the transition to alternative fuels and energy, etc.

  The scheme is being developed in accordance with applicable regulations for a period of 10 years. When optimizing the heating circuit is analyzed in detail the current situation and the energy balance of the system is constructed, based on which identifies major heat loss.

  Given the nature of the heat supply system of each object a number of measures designed to improve its effectiveness. Among the proposed measures are generally treated as follows:

    • Modernization of existing boilers, equipment which is morally and technologically obsolete;
    • Modernization of thermal punktovs to reduce losses in the distribution of heat;
    • Construction of new houses;
    • Reactivation of consumers to other boilers in order to reduce the length of heating systems;
    • Full or partial decentralization of consumers with the installation of autonomous apartment houses;
    • Translation boilers to alternative fuels, in particular, the use of solid fuel boilers
    • The use of renewable energy sources (solar collectors, heat pumps, etc.);
    • Reducing the consumption of thermal energy due to thermo (insulation) of buildings
    • And other activities.
    • Each of the proposed measures is justified in view of the economic effect of each.

  As a result of environmental schemes and energoeffektivnoy heat consumption can achieve greater efficiency of the system several times. In addition, the documentation for optimizing heating scheme is the rationale of attracting budget and credit resources to upgrade the heating system of the city.

  The company "UKRSOCPROJECT" has experience in the development and protection of such schemes heating. For more information, you can consult with our design department.