Optimization scheme of water supply and water disposal of city

  Devising an optimization of water and wastewater in accordance with the national program "Drinking Water of Ukraine" for 2011-2020.

  Optimization scheme water systems are complex policy documents, in which, based on a comprehensive analysis of the current state of water and wastewater systems in general and their individual elements, is the identification of "bottlenecks", the development of measures to address them, as well as the development of systems water supply and sanitation in order to improve water quality and waste water treatment efficiency, reliability of water supply and sanitation, ensuring rational use of material and energy resources in the water and sanitation sector. 

  Optimize the implementation of water supply and sanitation can tackle the issues arising during the operation of the system, and also to pick the best equipment that will receive additional economic benefit.

  Foundation for the development of optimization schemes of water supply and sanitation - the Law of Ukraine "On drinking water and water supply," National Program "Drinking Water of Ukraine" for 2006-2020, the Law of Ukraine "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine", the order of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine from 23.12.2011 № 476 "On approval of recommendations for the development of optimization schemes of centralized watersupply and sanitation.