To date, the design is a mandatory step before starting the installation or construction of any object. The approved project provides a comprehensive view of the results that will be obtained after the new construction or reconstruction, as well as on the cost of their implementation.

  The need to design determined by the following factors:
    • official project is required to obtain a building permit and the harmonization of issues;
    • the expected results after implementation;
    • material savings in installation and construction;
    • possibility of investment planning for the implementation of the project;
    • time savings.

  UKRSOCPROJECT perform work on the design of objects of architecture, design of internal engineering networks, systems and structures, design of external engineering networks, systems and structures, process design, as well as work related to engineering activities.

  UKRSOCPROJECT has substantial experience in projects of varying complexity for the private and public sectors. You can get advice in the design department of  UKRSOCPROJECT in the shortest possible time. The specialists of our design department will give you the best solution on the issue and will make a proposal to conduct those studies. Design, building design, design houses, design houses, design, design, design of heating, ventilation design, design houses, construction, engineering, design of structures.
Construction, repair, reconstruction of buildings

UKRSOCPROJECT perform work on the design of architectural objects: Apartment buildings and hotels; Public buildings and facilities;

New construction and reconstruction of boiler

UKRSOCPROJECT develop a project for the construction or renovation (modernization) of the boiler for the purpose of central or local heating

Construction and reconstruction of heat supply stations

roject substation, which involves placing equipment, fixtures, control devices, control and automation

Internal engineering networks and systems

Heating and ventilation. When choosing a heating and ventilation systems must be based on the ultimate goals pursued by the customer and its financial capacity.

External engineering networks and systems

UKRSOСPROJECT offers customers a full range of activities to design and develop a project ready to external engineering networks and systems, including

Technological design

Technological design is part of the activities at the unit manufacturing facility or service businesses, including a description and cost estimate. The result is a

Design of interiors

Balanced and complete interior — a complex process that involves many steps. Each of them needs to be carefully qualified approach.