New construction and reconstruction of boiler

According to the approved technical specifications UKRSOCPROJECT develop a project for the construction or renovation (modernization) of the boiler for the purpose of central or local heating, steam supply with the use of energy efficient equipment.

  Specialists will develop draft boiler with regard to the type of location, the fuel used to fit the boiler , heat load and destination category reliability of heat.

  Ukrsocproject offers the following projects: the construction or reconstruction of boiler companies from different sectors of the Ukrainian economy. We propose to implement the projects of reconstruction of boiler heating utilities, heating and other heat-generating enterprises. 
  Reconstruction of boiler relevant to the agricultural sector, namely the reconstruction of boiler works on agriculture, which includes businesses such sectors as farming, ranching, farming and other hazyaystva and boilers in the food industry. 
 Economically reasonable reconstruction of boiler will light industry, wood industry, as well as in the chemical industry and mechanical engineering.

  The main criterion for the design of construction of a new boiler is the efficient use of energy resources in accordance with regulations. In the case of modernization (renovation) boiler main challenge facing the designers - is to bring utilization rates TER, and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, normative.

  Boiler room - complex technologically connected thermal power plants located in isolated industrial buildings, built, or uninhabited areas overbuilt with boilers, water heaters (including installations unconventional method of producing thermal energy, heat pumps nakprimer or solar collectors) and boiler auxiliary equipment designed to generating heat. The main device is a steam boiler, fire tube and / or hot water boilers.

  Depending on the type of fuel used proetiruyutsya boilers, which are installed boilers (boilers on natural gas or biogas), oil boilers (heating oil, diesel fuel, waste oil), solid fuel boilers (boilers for wood and straw pellets (pellet boilers) wood, coke, lignite and coal, briquettes), and combined multi-fuel boiler.

  Depending on the purpose of the heat load design heating plants (heating, ventilation, hot water), industrial boilers (steam and / or hot water for process consumers) and mixed boiler (software and heating and the production function). Boiler can serve as a heat source for heating points.