Design of interiors

  Balanced and complete interior — a complex process that involves many steps. Each of them needs to be carefully qualified approach.

  How to start interior design.

The first step in creating interior spaces of the future is the development of project documentation. It includes a clear analysis of the features of the room, a reflection of possible actions to redevelop (erection and dismantling of barriers, the construction of additional load-bearing elements). Project documentation includes drawings of the premises before repair work carried out and the planned look of the room after the documents the installation of communications, electrical equipment and lighting. For areas in which there are plumbing fixtures and HVAC systems are special documents that detail their characteristics and drawings.
  Visualization of the interior design

  Create a package design documentation includes such an important part as the provision of preliminary design to the customer premises. This is one of the most interesting phases of repair and design of the interior. Customer together with experts selects the most preferred color schemes for different elements of the room, adjusts the placement of the furniture and interior design. In other words, at this stage comes the real creativity. He is one of the most critical moments of the project, since it is on him depends largely on the future shape of the room.

  Technical phase of repair

  After approval of the plan is the development of conceptual schema specification premises in accordance with the future of interior design. It is important to coordinate the installation of communication systems with the stylistic and aesthetic preferences of the customer, or in the future may be discrepancies between the alleged interior and technical characteristics of the room.

  Development of project documentation — an important task that requires a high level of professionalism and skill, and teamwork of all the participants in the creation of the project. Quality project — the key to quick and quality repair work.