Construction, repair, reconstruction of buildings

  UKRSOCPROJECT perform work on the design of architectural objects:
    • Apartment buildings and hotels;
    • Public buildings and facilities;
    • Buildings and structures of industrial enterprises;
    • Civil engineering;
    • Energy structures and facilities;
    • Design of bearing and protecting designs.

    Upon designation of the building are divided into:

    Also, the building can be divided into categories:
    • Office buildings;
    • Commercial;
    • Production;
    • Residential;
    • Other;
    • Historic buildings;

  Detailed information about the purpose of buildings, their types and categories

  UKRSOCPROJECT works with clients in various areas of business:

    • public sector facilities (hospitals and clinics, schools, kindergartens, community centers, sports complexes, universities, boilers);
    • objects of the commercial sphere (industrial buildings, hangars, warehouses, offices and business centers, shopping and entertainment centers and shops, residential buildings, restaurants and cafes, hotels and hotels, sports facilities, washing and one hundred);
    • objects agricultural sector (elevators greenhouses, vegetable stores, granaries, warehouses, pig, poultry, etc.);
    • public utilities;
    • thermal energy facilities;
    • power facilities.

  The most relevant types of work in our time is the insulation of buildings and structures, or so-called thermal rehabilitation of buildings or termosanatsiya to reduce the cost of fuel and energy resources.

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