Technological design

  Technological design is part of the activities at the unit manufacturing facility or service businesses, including a description and cost estimate. The result is a process design technology project, part of a design package newly constructed or  modernized facility.

  In our work, our specialists strive to maximize the efficiency of the customer's investment through the use of energy saving technologies.

  The main stages of the design process are:

    • Selection process equipment that can maximize productivity with consideration of operating conditions and customer requirements.
    • Selection of the equipment area, an indication of the binding and provide all necessary conditions for the operation of the equipment.
    • Calculation of engineering and building systems and energy efficiency.
    • The organization of production processes, including both production technology and supporting processes.
    • Organization jobs in accordance with the requirements of health and safety.
    • Evaluate the economics and feasibility of the project.

  In the development of the project are taken into account the specific features of each object (type of production, location, mode of operation, the special operating conditions, etc). Individual approach to each client in drafting technology, as well as all project documentation for the project, making the end result - the success of the projected enterprise.

  For advice on your questions you can contact our engineering department.