Energy audit

  Energy audits (audit) - is a comprehensive evaluation of the company related to the energy costs of various kinds, fuel, water and some energy, aimed at identifying opportunities to optimize the cost-effective use of energy resources. The result of the audit is to energy performance certificate.

  Energy audit is the starting point for energy efficiency at the facility. Based on the data from the report formed the strategy of energy saving in the short term. Previously conducted an energy audit will help to avoid mistakes in the later stages of the energy (design, installation), and as a result, to protect the customer from the extra financial costs. Energy audit is one of the requirements of state and international funding programs of energy saving measures.

  UKRSOCPROJECT provides energy audits on any objects and the projection and implementation of energy saving measures. For more information on conducting an energy audit, you can contact our specialists.

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  During the energy audit, the following activities:
    • analysis of the state of power supply systems, heating, water supply, parks technical equipment of industrial enterprises (the object);
    • assessment of the systems and measuring instruments - instruments for energy accounting and compliance requirements;
    • identifying unreasonable losses;
    • assessment of the system of regulation of energy consumption and energy use;
    • checking the energy balances of the enterprise (the object);
    • the specific energy consumption norms for the products or activities;
    • the evaluation of the major energy-saving measures implemented by the company.

Energy audit include:
    • energy monitoring - Monitor set and actual parameters of energy consumption;
    • measurements (measurements) - determination using special devices (measurement tools, accounting tools) settings in the control points;
    • polls and surveys of participants of the production or consumption;
    • study co-regulatory framework, guidelines and instructions in the enterprise;
    • calculations of economic efficiency of implementation of various organizational proposals or investment in energy-saving technologies (devices);
    • of a report containing the results of the energy audit and recommendations.

The result of the audit is to:
    • finally, the quality of produced energy, particularly electricity;
    • recommendations for the implementation of energy saving measures and technologies;
    • recommendations for actions (including changes in technology) to improve the energy efficiency of products;
    • recommendations for replacement energy consumed other types of resources (eg, electricity for heating - warm).

  Energy audits (audit) buildings before termosanatsiey (insulation), energy audits and boiler heating units before their reconstruction is a must event. It is also recommended energy audits (energy audit) before reconstruction of power supply systems, heating, water, renewal of technical equipment of industrial enterprises.
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Buildings and constructions

UKRSOTSPROEKT proposes a building energy audit, energy audit of buildings, energy audit of building structures, utilities energy audit of buildings, energy audits mode operation of engineering systems

Systems of a ventilation, heating and air conditioning

UKRSOCPROJECT proposes to hold an energy audit ventilation, ventilation networks energy audit, energy audit heat exchangers, heaters energy audit,

Heat supply systems

Objects energy boilers (boilers, boilers, heat exchangers); heat distribution points; elements of paropostachannya; elements of the heating system; elements of hot water;

Refrigeration supply systems

Objects energy refrigeration; pipelines; throttle; capacitors; evaporators; cooling towers; electric; operation of the system; automated control system.

Electricity supply systems

Objects energy lowering the main substation, switchgear; transformer substation; electric network voltage up to 1000 V and above; mode power consumption; the system of electric energy.

System of supplies compressed air

Energy Audit Projects compressor plant; cooling air; removal of moisture and oil; pipe network and fittings; air; cooling towers; electric; mode of production of compressed air; accounting system of compressed air.

Lighting Systems

Objects energy external lighting system; internal lighting system; electric lighting devices; lighting network.

Water supply and sewerage

Objects energy pumping stations; discharge and suction piping and valving; pump; pools, tanks, tanks for storing liquids (cisterns, tanks); operation of the water supply;

Accounting and control systems use of fuel and energy resources

Energy Audit Projects the system of accounting and control of FER consumption; node (point) accounting; counters active and reactive power; power quality analyzers; water meters; measuring;