Electricity supply systems

  Objects energy
    • lowering the main substation, switchgear;
    • transformer substation;
    • electric network voltage up to 1000 V and above;
    • mode power consumption;
    • the system of electric energy.

  Objectives energy auditors
    • determine the loss in cell power supply system;
    • identify the planned amount of electricity;
    • identify technological and emergency armor;
    • draw up the balance of power consumption by technology, by divisions and the object as a whole, taking into account types of loads (lighting, power and electro consumers up to 1000 V and above);
    • evaluate the effectiveness of electricity;
    • identify potential energy savings;
    • develop recommendations on energy saving measures.

Recommendations for implementing energy-saving measures
    • change the schedule of electric load object that consumes energy resources and powerful individual consumers based electricity tariffs;
    • increase download transformers (disconnecting one of the two parallel operating transformers in underemployment);
    • replace underloaded transformers transformers at lower power;
    • regulation transformation ratio;
    • transfer of internal and external networks for high voltage and / or reconstruction of networks;
    • installation of reactive power compensation;
    • installing filtering-compensating and symetruyuchyh devices for improving power quality;
    • inclusion under load backup power lines;
    • compliance with technical regulations;
    • introduction of automated control and accounting of electricity.