Water supply and sewerage

  Objects energy
    • pumping stations;
    • discharge and suction piping and valving;
    • pump;
    • pools, tanks, tanks for storing liquids (cisterns, tanks);
    • operation of the water supply;
    • toilets and shower facilities;
    • the system of water.

  Objectives energy auditors
    • determine the loss in the elements of the water supply;
    • identify the planned value of water consumption;
    • make a balance of water consumption by technology, by units and objects in general;
    • evaluate the effectiveness of water use;
    • identify potential energy savings;
    • develop recommendations for the implementation of measures to save water.

  Recommendations for implementing energy-saving measures
    • elimination of leaks, the use of economic reinforcement;
    • determine whether the parameters of the pump characteristics of the pipeline;
    • reduction of head loss in the pipeline (pipeline cleaning, the elimination of unnecessary fittings, increased cross pipes parallel work back and discharge pumps, change network configuration);
    • replace inefficient or outdated and not loaded equipment;
    • the use of cheaper water (technical, artesian, reversible);
    • use of dry cooling towers;
    • compliance with technical regulations;
    • replace water meters inappropriate diameters;
    • application of circulating water pipes for hot water in the showers;
    • setting at the input of control and measuring instruments;
    • transfer of cooling compressors reversible system with the installation of roof fan coolers;
    • replace pumps inadequate capacity;
    • improve the efficiency of pumps;
    • a mode of consumption pumping installations including electricity tariff zones;
    • to optimize the loading pump (maximum feed pump to regulate the pump pressure head or foster latch, change the number of working pumps, change the speed of the electric motor);
    • reduced resistance conduits (elimination of sharp turns, shooting bolts, clogged suction devices);
    • application of controlled electric pumps.