Refrigeration supply systems

  Objects energy
    • refrigeration;
    • pipelines;
    • throttle;
    • capacitors;
    • evaporators;
    • cooling towers;
    • electric;
    • operation of the system;
    • automated control system.

Objectives energy auditors
    • determine the loss in cooling system;
    • identify the planned amount of consumption cold;
    • create balance consumption by cold technology by departments and the object as a whole;
    • evaluate the effectiveness of consumption cold;
    • identify potential energy savings;
    • develop recommendations on energy saving measures.

  Recommendations for implementing energy-saving measures
    • removal of air from the coolant system and fill to the desired level, clearing the cold surfaces;
    • providing thermal insulation of pipes and chambers;
    • replace inefficient or outdated and not loaded equipment;
    • reducing the cost and size of cooling water recharge;
    • use of heat released;
    • installation of automatic temperature control;
    • to optimize the choice of the number of concurrent compressors;
    • compliance with technical regulations;
    • application of controlled electric pumps.