Lighting Systems

  Objects energy
    • external lighting system;
    • internal lighting system;
    • electric lighting devices;
    • lighting network.

  Objectives energy auditors
    • to assess the loss of electricity in lighting network;
    • identify the planned amount of electricity lighting installations;
    • draw up the balance of power consumption lighting system;
    • evaluate the effectiveness of the mode of lighting equipment;
    • identify potential energy savings;
    • develop recommendations on energy saving measures.

  Recommendations for implementing energy-saving measures
    • use of natural and local lighting;
    • replace inefficient fixtures and lamps for more economical;
    • partitioning lighting systems;
    • installing energy efficient commissioning and control equipment;
    • establishing local lighting control system (sensor presence, sensor light, timer);
    • introduction of automatic control lighting system;
    • painting the interior in light colors;
    • regular cleaning of fixtures and windows.