Accounting and control systems use of fuel and energy resources

  Energy Audit Projects
    • the system of accounting and control of FER consumption;
    • node (point) accounting;
    • counters active and reactive power;
    • power quality analyzers;
    • water meters;
    • measuring;
    • flow of compressed air;
    • primary transducers of physical quantities (current transformers, voltage transformers, sensors, water pressure, temperature);
    • devices collecting and transmitting data;
    • logbooks.

  Objectives energy auditors
    • determine the optimum number of points of accounting and their location;
    • develop recommendations aimed at improving the reliability of accounting and control.

  Recommendations to improve the reliability of accounting and control
    • removal systems calculate the energy consumed by other than instrument accounting;
    • eliminate incorrect circuits connecting metering and control;
    • replace faulty meters and counters, which ended mizhpovirkovyy term;
    • implementation of technical accounting;
    • increasing the accuracy of metering devices;
    • introduction of automated control systems and FER at the facility that consumes energy resources.