Construction and installation

  UKRSOCPROJECT perform work on new construction or renovation of buildings, boilers and heating units, internal networks and systems developed interior design.
  Our clients are organizations of public sector, such as hospitals and clinics, schools and kindergartens, cultural and sports centers, and universities.
  In the commercial sphere of our clients are having in their own offices and office buildings, residential buildings, shopping and entertainment complexes, residential buildings, restaurants and cafes, hotels and hotels, sports complexes, industrial buildings, hangars, warehouses and others.
  In the agribusiness sector we offer our services to perform work on such objects as elevators, greenhouses, vegetable stores, granaries, warehouses, pig farms, poultry farms.
for legal entities

UKRSOCPROJECT offers its customers the implementation of projects of varying difficulty. Our specialists have all the necessary certificates that attest to their qualifications.

for natural persons

Do you value your free time and want to completely control the situation?  Then our company offers cooperation in the course of which you will be required only your wishes and financial capacity to carry them out.All other activities UKRSOCPROJECT will take over, as follows:Design of the house and grounds: a model project or created individually according to your wishes.Construction of the house, including individual interior design.Installation of communication on the site and the internal equipment of the house...