Project management (engineering)

  UKRSOCPROJEСT proposes to implement a set of interrelated activities aimed at achieving the goal within your budget. Project management begins in the early stages (energy audits, feasibility studies) and continues until the moment you enter the facility.

  Often, objects are designing complex systems that require the involvement of a large number of human resources. Therefore, one function of project management is strong coordination between all the artists involved in the work. To optimize the process of building network diagrams that show all of the work, their relationship with each other and planned time for their performance.

  As part of the project management for the implementation of projects to attract investment. It can be various government programs, private investors or lending programs. Project management functions in this case - to monitor the investment proposals and choose the best option.

  After receiving the investment comes the stage of implementation. At this stage, an artist search, ready to carry out installation work, negotiations with suppliers, are stipulated time and budget for all works.

  On completion of installation is put into operation of the facility, to sign all necessary acts and sent to the customer all the necessary documentation.